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Hey, boss babe...
ever asked yourself one of these questions?

Am I wasting my time writing these blog posts?
Why am I spending so much time looking up comma rules?
Since when did I turn into a graphic designer?
Does anyone even read these?

Here's the deal... blogging isn't dead.

Having evergreen content will drive more traffic to your site.
Blogging will help you build trust with your people.
And when those two things happen?
Your readers will turn into buyers and paying clients.

But maybe you've tried to make that happen. You've read all the blogging + biz articles you can find on Pinterest. Your head is swimming with things like SEO buzzwords, metadata, and editorial calendars.

You're spending more time worrying about all the little details when you should be putting your energy toward what you actually love to do.

Put away your dictionary and thesaurus. Stop Googling how to properly use a semicolon. Don't worry about making graphics or researching the best SEO keyword to use.

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Let us do what we love so you can too.

Here at She Can Coterie, we offer editorial management services so we can help boss babes like you use blogging to your best advantage. We want to help your business grow!

What will you get when you let us take care of all your editorial needs? That depends on what you're looking for! We can help you plan your editorial calendar, proofread and edit your posts, create gorgeous graphics, and do all the other nitty-gritty details that happen after the post is written. All you have to do is write and we'll take it from there!

Already have great posts published but need another set of eyes to look over them and make that content shine? We can help with that too! Remember... optimizing evergreen content means more traffic and more clients.




  • 30-minute, monthly content planning call with our Editorial Manager to fill out your content calendar
    • All you have to do is write... we'll take it from there
  • Proofreading + Editing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blog Post + Social Media Graphics
  • Monthly Blog Performance Review
  • Google Docs to input all the content we'll be publishing and an editorial calendar template




  • Updating the formatting
  • Rewriting any timely content to make it evergreen
  • Checking for any broken links
  • Adding new opt-ins
  • Updating graphics to match current branding
  • Adding to Pinterest
  • Writing two social media posts for each blog post
  • Recommendations for blog posts that don't work or that could be re-purposed for new content 



ADD-ONS | Sending new content to email list | +$97/MO
BUNDLE | Editorial Management + Content Optimization + Email List | $547/MO

What happens when you click buy:

Step One

You'll be taken directly to Paypal to pay for your first month's work with us.

Step Two

You fill out our onboarding form with all of the information we need to get started.

Step Three

You're sent to the calendar to book a time with our Editorial Manager, Leah, to get started!

Step Four

We do the work so you can sit next to the pool and relax... OR actually get to work doing the thing you love!

Here’s the thing: 

pinterest management pinterest manager

Here's the thing:

We know you're incredible.

We know

that the message and expertise you have can change the lives and businesses of so many. 

We know

that blogging can be used to your advantage to grow your traffic, your clients, and your income. 

It's time

to get your work into the hands of the people who need it the most. It is time for you to focus on what you really love while we handle the details of creating your stand-out online presence. It is time to see real results and real growth with a platform that has changed the game for so many of our clients. 

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So, are you ready to make blogging work for your business?

Let us remove all the overwhelm and take care of the strategy and details to make this social platform intentional and effective for your business (even while you sleep).

You just go out and do what you do best. We’ll take care of the rest.