TECH Packages


Website Management

Wordpress and Sqparespace site management, upkeep, redesign, backup and restore, eCommerce support, and more.


Infusionsoft Maintenance

Strategy call, set up of tags, triggers, products, payment plans, invoices, etc., marketing funnel maps, dashboard configuration, and personalized training.


Email Platform Management

Setup and migration, email templates, and monthly management packages available. We work with ConvertKit, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and others.


Hourly Tech Packages

Got a lot of tech-heavy tasks? 2 hourly retainer packages available.

These Packages are a great fit for the ceo who

Struggles with the tech side of business or would prefer to pass tech tasks off to an expert

Is ready to build and maintain a powerful website, and automate parts of their sales or email list process

Is willing to work with industry best practices, thoughtful when giving constructive criticism, and responsive to our team's questions and requests

Meet the expert


Lacey Stark

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