You’re ready to scale your business and know you can’t do it alone.

To move from manager to CEO you need more than a jack of all trades VA.

You need a team of experts so you can execute your vision, grow your income, and not worry about the day to day details.


The She Can Coterie team can help you with:

✓ Blogging
✓ Editorial Work
✓ Social Media Management
✓ Social Ad Campaigns
✓ Customer Service
✓ Technical Support
✓ eCourse Set Up
✓ Inbox Support
✓ Systems Creation
✓ Travel Research + Booking
✓ Bookkeeping
✓ Pitching Podcasts
✓ Design
✓ And more!

Meet your team:


What our CEO clients say about working with us:


I love the diversity of specialists She Can Coterie provides. I'm confident I can send any task their way and it will be done by the person who is perfectly suited for it. This is a huge relief! I absolutely love working with Mandi, and I am grateful to know she's got the strategic eye on everything even while smaller tasks are distributed throughout the team.

I have so much trust in SCC after all the time we've spent working together and I know whoever I refer will be in *great* hands.
- Jenny Blake

Confession time: Whenever someone asks me just how I keep it all together, I hedge for a minute. I'm all about truth, you see, and if I'm telling the truth, then I am compelled to tell them that Mandi and her team are my secret weapons. That they handle, like, EVERYTHING for me that isn't writing, coaching, speaking, or generally being me. But they are on top of everything else in my business. Travel, booking, social media, design, invoicing, speaking queries, supplier management, events planning, research. Whenever there's something new happening in my industry, they're ON it, learning, strategizing. Their "have you thought of this" emails with corollary action plans are like sweet nothings in my ear. They love my business as much as I do and I have never felt so met.

But I DO have to tell the truth, and that truth is, these incredible women are too brilliant to be ANYONE's best-kept secret. Hire them and thank me later. (Flowers are nice...Mandi has my address.)
- Tanya Geisler


You don’t have to grow your
business alone anymore.

Let us capture your vision
and perfect your systems.

Together we’ll take your
business to the next level.




Working with She Can Coterie has been so life-changing, I can hardly keep up. Seriously. It's totally restructuring my time and my thinking for the better. It's the inspiration I've needed -- and of course the practical day-to-day help that makes it possible -- to think so much bigger about what I can get done and what I'm meant to get done. - Gina DeLapa