In between vision casting and doing the deep work that truly depends on you, you've been:

sending invoices, onboarding new clients, managing your website content, showing up on social media, working on your visibility plan, attempting to scale, trying to keep your customers happy, tracking your income, and scrounging up any leftover time to work on new, exciting offerings.

When you first started your business all of this felt doable. But now that your business has grown, it's just. too. much.

What if we told you that you don't have to do it alone?

What if you could step into every quarter with momentum driven by a fully-actualized strategy and a plan to make it HAPPEN, with the support of a team to take you there?

Hi, we’re the She Can Coterie team!

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We’re here to help you execute strategic tasks that move the needle and transform the whole health of your business.

Our team of women are experts in a variety of fields, but we all share one passion:

Setting CEOs free from the overwhelm and chaos in their businesses so they can execute their vision, grow their income, and reach the meaningful goals they hold close to their heart.

Founder and CEO of She Can Coterie

Mandi Holmes is the CEO of She Can Coterie. Mandi believes that women should run the world, that asking for help is vital to success, and that having an iced latte in your hand makes you unstoppable. When she's not leading her team, upleveling She Can Coterie, or serving powerful women around the world you can find her with her nose in a good book, playing dinosaurs with her sweet son, or binge-watching Netflix with her husband.

Ali Cranmer - Director of Operations

Operations Director

Ali is an Ohio native residing in Florida, mama to a spunky little gal and lover of all things systems and processes. She's known as the member on the team who has her hands in everything. It's her passion to make every one of our client's experiences smooth and memorable. If she's not in front of her laptop chatting with clients or making sure the team are happy busy bees, then you can find her sharing about mamahood on her Instagram or spending the afternoon getting ice cream with her sweet family of three.

Kaylan Thompson - Director of Marketing

Marketing Director

Kaylan is a bluegrass Kentucky girl, wife, mama, dog mom and She Can Coterie’s resident Gilmore Girl. She uses her Bachelors in Creative Writing, her passion for the well-written word, and her years as a reporter and content strategist to map strategic marketing plans to help clients turn goals into accomplishments. She loves answering the question, “What if…” and dreaming up new ideas. After a full day of juggling a laptop and her sweet mini-me Millie, you’ll find her walking in the park hand-in-hand with her husband, David, with Millie and their pup, Rory (yes, Gilmore Girls), in tow.


Client Experience + Account Manager

Haley has been a part of the She Can Coterie family for a while, transforming alongside the business. She began as the Social Media Manager, moved into Podcast Management, and is now at home as the Head of Client Experience and Account Manager. She prides herself on her resiliency and ability to connect with each client and can't wait to meet YOU! Haley's favorite forms of self-care are cuddling with her daughter, bingeing her current TV show obsession, or finding new ways to use essential oils. She's always ready for a new adventure!


Administrative Strategy

Jaime is a stay at home mom and part time music teacher. When she’s not molding young musical minds, she loves spending time with her husband and child. Coffee, science fiction and Barbra Streisand are her favorite things. She is also Mandi’s best friend and soul-room-mate. Jealous?


Brand + Sales Copy Strategy

Kristen holds a Bachelors degree in Communication and has been writing for brands since 2012. She's passionate about creating strong sales copy that does the heavy lifting for her clients, so they can spend more time up-leveling their businesses, serving their communities, and enjoying their families. Kristen is committed to using ethical persuasion techniques in everything she writes and the T.A.R.E.S. Test is her favorite ethical copy evaluation tool. When she's not writing, you can find her taking a drive to her local Dutch Bros for an iced Islander Mocha!


Pinterest Strategy

Ariona is a dreamer and creative with a passion for digital marketing. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Services and will complete her Master’s in Business in 2018. She enjoys creating visuals that communicate a meaningful message with metrics to prove it. During her free time she enjoys blogging, hoarding pretty notebooks and decorating.


Content Marketing Strategy

Lauren is a proud firefighter wife from Texas, who is blessed with three amazing kids. She feels refreshed after running or barre class, both of which allow her to indulge her sweet tooth with less guilt! She sips coffee daily, reads autobiographies, and feels most prepared with a bright-colored sharpie pen in hand. Lauren holds a degree in Journalism and French from Sam Houston State University. She’s inspired by people who show grit, growth, and resilience. Everyone has a story, and it’s her joy to utilize her journalism skills to help clients share theirs.


Bookkeeping + Finance Strategy

Kandis is a CPA who loves crunching numbers and is passionate about providing an accurate financial picture so that clients can have the proper tools to grow their dream business. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting, with 14 years of bookkeeping, financial audit, and general accounting experience. In her spare time you can find her outdoors on a hiking adventure, in the gym crushing fitness goals, or spending time with family and friends. She is experienced in QuickBooks and other types of bookkeeping software.