5 Must-Haves for Your Pinterest Account

Hey, boss babes!

We see you over there making big moves in your business. You’re crystal clear on what you do and who you do it for and you are confident that the work you do matters. You have incredible content you’d love to re-purpose and you know that if you could get it into the hands of the right people it could make your business explode like a firework. 

We have good news. Pinterest is about to become your newest BFF.

Here are 5 must-haves your Pinterest account NEEDS:

Pinterest is about to become your newest BFF. Here are 5 Must Haves your Pinterest Account NEEDS. | SheCanCoterie.com

1. A Business Account

This one is the most basic and important must-haves when it comes to Pinterest for your biz. When you set up your account as a business account, you get access to a slew of amazing features and analytics that can help you see what your top-performing pins are and how much traffic you’re getting to your website.

BONUS: For our over-achievers, you should also set up rich pins while setting up your business account! Rich pins = Pinterest gold!

2. A Minimum of 10 Boards with 15+ Pins in Each Board

Perhaps there is no greater faux pas in Pinterest-land than an empty profile. With millions upon millions of beautiful pins, there’s no excuse to not have some hot content on your profile. Start with at least 10 boards, one of which is completely devoted to you and your business and the rest that are related to what you do in your business.. Then fill up those boards with a bare minimum of 15 pins each.

HERE'S ANOTHER TIP FOR YOU: Your boards should have the same overarching theme. Whether it’s a similar cover photo or corresponding board names, try to tie each board together for a concise, cohesive look.

3. A Minimum of 3-5 (Relevant!) Group Boards

Repeat after me: group boards are your friends. There’s possibly no better way to get some re-pinning action than by being an active pinner in group boards. Group boards are a total win-win, too. You’ll find quality content that’s relevant to those boards you just set up AND you’ll get to connect with other fabulous pinners in a more strategic way.

There are group boards for everything under the sun! It can take a bit of sleuthing to find just the right ones for you, but we promise that they’re out there.

Start by finding a similar business or blog and see what their group board situation is. You can usually find a few this way! Be sure to read the rules (usually in the board description at the top) and then follow suit.

4. Connected Accounts

Drive some traffic your way when you link up your Twitter or Facebook to Pinterest! In our eyes, the best match made in social media heaven is Twitter and Pinterest! Twitter moves quickly and it’s important to have an updated feed. That’s where Pinterest comes in. While you’re pinning, pick a few a day to share on Twitter. All of your own pins redirecting to your website should definitely be shared on Twitter. You’ll score some sweet repins this way!

P.S. Be sure that the first sentence of the pin description is attention-grabbing! That’s what’ll show up on your Twitter feed.

5. A Pinterest Audit

So you’ve been following the top steps above for a month or two. Awesome! Now it’s time to dig deeper. A Pinterest audit is a great way to take a step back and review your strategy as a whole. You’ll take a closer look at those top pins and discover if you’re really seeing the traffic you want to your website.

Ready to check out your results? Grab your copy of our helpful DIY Pinterest Audit below!


Pinterest is an amazing place to connect with ideal customers and score some major conversions on your website. But this visual search engine requires a little bit of time and a whole lot of strategy to make sure your pins are reaching the right audience to boost your business!