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The CEO's Summer Reading List for 2019

The CEO's Reading List |

It’s no secret that continued learning through reading is a core factor of success, but what do super-successful individuals consistently have in common across the board? They not only read, but they also read A LOT.

Warren Buffett reads 600 to 1000 pages a day (yeah, okay that’s extreme, but…), Bill Gates reads about one book per week, Mark Cuban reads about 3 hours a day, and Oprah Winfrey promotes deep reading through her monthly book club and endorsing horizon-broadening literature.

Here at She Can Coterie, we started a monthly book club as well and constantly share recommendations and insights we gain from the books we read independently.

Each quarter, we’ll be sharing a list of the books our team has read and recommends for the coming few months that you need to add to your reading list — if you haven’t already.

Our Top Recommendations for Your Summer Reading List

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. Our CEO, Mandi, recommends this read and says that this book was foundational in helping her secure and solidify a strong money mindset and financial strategy.

Dare to Lead by Brené Brown. Our leadership team read Dare to Lead together this spring. So many of our best practices now incorporate the Dare to Lead concepts and tenets. Whether you’re in a position of leadership or not (and if you’re running any kind of business, you are!) you need to get this book in your hands pronto.

Good to Great by Jim Collins. Our Marketing Director, Kaylan, recommends reading this one! No matter who you are or what you're doing, this book will take your pursuits to new heights not by offering strategies but by simply offering new perspectives and new concepts on what makes organizations, teams, systems, and people in passionate pursuit of something larger than themselves — great.

The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Another recommendation from our Marketing Director. This book shows the importance of crafting a memorable experience for clients and team members by detailing the immense power little moments can bring to everyday life.

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. Recommended by our Pinterest Strategist, Ari, this book helps you break down limiting beliefs and restricting mindsets, helping you cultivate inner peace and belief in yourself.

Essentialism by Greg McKeown. Our Content Manager, Leah, recommends this one! She says this book has helped her declutter her life, slim down the noise, and help her focus on what is most important in life, family, and work.

How to Get Your Reading In

First things first, get clear on why reading — consuming literature — is important to you. What effect will this have on your life and business? Conversely, what effect will neglecting to read and learn have on your life and business?

Next, remember that you don’t ever have to even pick up a single physical copy of a book. You are totally free to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and even videos in order to get your literature in. Listen while you work out, while you do the dishes, while you pummel through recurring work tasks — and if you listen at 2x speed, you’ll be amazed at how many books you can consume in one month, even one week!

Buying books can get costly — we totally get that. That’s why so many of our team members adore their local libraries! You’ll likely be surprised by how many books on your reading list your library is stocked with — and if they aren’t, ask your librarian if your library partners with Hoopla or OverDrive. These are apps you can download to your phone with access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks that you can borrow just like a physical book off a shelf. All you need to do is have a library card!

We’re always on the lookout for new literature to add to our book list — what books do you recommend? Share with us in the comments!

What's Changing Our Lives in May

What's Changing Our Lives in May |

You know when you're at coffee with your girlfriend and she can’t wait to tell you about the latest skincare product she’s into right now? Sometimes that’s what the Slack channels of She Can Coterie feel like!

We are always sharing things that are working for us. It can be a product, a mindset shift, a parenting hack, a recipe… we love to share what’s working for us. Because we TRULY believe, deep down in our soul, that we are better together.

So every few months, we are going to share what is working for us. What we are loving. What has changed our lives. Because why keep it all to ourselves?

We sometimes talk about and link to tools, sites, books, and fun stuff that we LOVE. And sometimes those companies will give us a little gift for sharing. We promise to be straightforward with you and to only share the very best things

The Six Things Changing Our Lives Right Now:

Ali Cranmer, Operations Director

A to-do list for the Universe: Kate Northrup, in her book, Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms, talks about breaking up your to-do list in a unique way — by making a list of action items for yourself as well as a list of to-dos for the Universe!

At the beginning of each week or each day, when I'm writing a list of my to-do's, I'll write a separate list to the Universe that are things I might not be able to tackle on my own or right this moment. Writing a to-do list to the Universe not only makes me feel lighter and like I'm taking the weight of these responsibilities and worries off my shoulders, but it also helps me set positive intentions.

My to-do list to the Universe might include:

  • Provide me with the money I need to pay my rent and buy my family groceries

  • Allow me and my daughter to get a full and good night’s rest

  • Provide me with the patience and energy I need to get through this day of parenting my daughter

  • Provide me with the courage I need to cut out toxic relationships and cultivate healthy relationships

Caroline Sumlin, Executive Assistant

My WildBird ring sling: When I got pregnant with my second baby, I knew I needed a simpler, easier carrier than your traditional wrap or bulky buckle-carrier. I struggled with both of those with my first. The wraps have too much fabric. The bulky carriers with buckles need a team to help you get into them.

Insert the ring sling. It’s PERFECT. It’s so easy to use, and I can do it by myself. I put baby in my sling and am free to handle my toddler.

It’s not heavy, doesn't weigh you down, doesn't hurt your back, you can throw it in your bag, and it’s beautiful so it compliments your outfit. It's super easy to adjust so I can actually wear my toddler too! WHAT?! Both my babies love it and so do I!

It’s a mommy-hood game changer. A little tip: just like with any new product, there's a learning curve. So be sure to watch video tutorials to ensure you're using the ring sling correctly and that your baby is safe.

Leah Van Ert, Content Manager

Downloading free audiobooks from my library with OverDrive: I LOVE to read, but ever since having a baby, the way I get my books read has changed. I almost always read ebooks or listen to audiobooks. I'm also a cheapskate, so I use the Overdrive app connected to my library card to check out ebooks and audiobooks just like I would a book at the library. It's amazing!

Another life hack: I almost always listen to audiobooks on 1.5 or 2x speed. The narrators often read much quite slowly, I pay attention better when they’re sped up, and I save myself more time, which equals more books that can be read!

Kaylan Thompson, Marketing Director

Running Marathons: After becoming a mom about 10 months ago, I struggled with navigating this new facet of who I am as a person. It was a tough journey — from learning to nurse to keeping another human being alive. Through it all, I learned that I have grit. More than that, I learned that I am disciplined, motivated, persevering, and determined — words I never used to define myself before. I wanted to discover more of this part of myself, so I took up running and trained for a half marathon. I did it, and am now totally addicted! Through this journey of running, I learn more about myself with every step, every breath, every mile. Running may not be for everyone, BUT everyone needs an equivalent. Whatever thing helps you discover more of who you are — do that thing, do it often, and do it well!

Mandi Holmes, CEO

Air Filter Delivery: I'm all about systems and automation even at home. This week I'm setting up air filter delivery, because, let's be honest: when was the last time you changed your air filter? I'll be honest. We moved into our house in October and it's never been changed. And we live on a dirt road! Yikes!

Haley Hatcher, Growth Manager & Digital Media Producer

Going to the library: My husband was laid off recently, and him being home has made it hard to concentrate, which is weird since I have more help with my daughter. Anyway, I decided to go to the library last week and my hours almost doubled and I felt zero overwhelm!

It's just nice to be in a quiet and truly distraction-free space. This changed my mindset about my work overall. I was in a rut, not hating but also not enjoying my job. Having time to actually get my tasks done AND be intentional about my role has helped so much.

Lindsey Aleson, Tech Specialist & In-House Designer

A mindset shift: I was at an event earlier this month and heard about the Be, Do, Have Model (be sure to listen to this podcast all about it!) from two different speakers — James Wedmore and Tyler J. McCall. And I realized that I have to be the person I want to be, to do the things I need to do, in order to have the things I want to have. This is HUGE because I feel I get so wrapped up in the doing that I need to take a step back. I need to be the person first and everything will fall into place.

We hope that some of these things that are changing our lives will also change your life!

Do you have anything that’s changing your life right now? Let us know in the comments!

How to Build a Quiz with Interact

We sometimes talk about and link to tools, sites, books, and fun stuff that we LOVE. And sometimes those companies will give us a little gift for sharing. We promise to be straightforward with you and to only share the very best things.

how to build a quiz with interact


You just found out that according to a Facebook quiz, your bestie is a Slytherin (when you've sooo pegged her for a Hufflepuff). 

Not surprising:

Building your OWN quiz can be super beneficial to your business AND ridiculously easy to do!

In our last post, we shared how one of the best ways to find your ideal clients and welcome them through the door is by building a quiz.

We talked about how quizzes are great incentives for people to join your email list and can help you learn SO much about the audience you're currently reaching (as well as give you great insight for how you can adjust your marketing strategy).

If you haven't already written your quiz, head here to get the low-down. Once you have it, come back and let's get to building!

Or if you like to skip ahead, you can get your quiz builder worksheet right here:

Ready to set up your quiz?

We're so excited to introduce you to our absolute FAVORITE quiz software, Interact. These guys are the real deal. The software is super simple to set up, customize, connect with ConvertKit, embed, and share on your site! It does everything you need it to do and they have amazing customer service!

1. Set Up Your Account and Log In

Interact makes it super simple to create an account and test out their quiz platform for FREE.

2. Create Your Quiz from Scratch or From a Template

Click the Create New Quiz button. You can start from scratch or use a pre-made template. You will already have a framework to start filling in the blanks.

Choose your industry and your desired quiz type. The types you have to choose from are:

  • Assessment — each questions has a right or wrong answer

  • Personality — like a Buzzfeed quiz and probably the most popular

  • Scored — If you want to score each answer

Then choose the template that you want to start with.

3. Edit the Title Page

Add a title, upload a cover image, fill in the quiz description, and update the start button with something compelling that relates to your quiz description, like "Let's find out!" or "Show me my character!"

4. Add in Your Results

Update your result titles, switch out the result images, add in the result description (we recommend keeping it short and sweet — a few sentences or a short paragraph will do), and update the button to link to some valuable content you have created for them. If you don't want to link to anything, you can hide the call to action button.

5. Add in Your Questions and Answers

Next, click to each question. Update the question and answers. You can even add images if you want! You can also reorder the questions and answers.

6. Edit Your Result Correlations

Navigate through each question to make sure the answers point to the right result so Interact knows where to point quiz-takers at the end.

7. Update the Branding + Styles

Add in your logo, fonts, and colors to ensure your quiz visuals are consistent with your branding.

8. Enable Lead Capture and Data Collection

Select the contact fields you want to enable, edit what the form says, and then connect it to your email provider.

9. Save, Publish, Share, + Embed

Interact will now give you the option to use your quiz as a pop-up, an announcement bar, a Facebook ad, embedded in your site, in a direct link, or in a social post.

10. Grow Your Email List with Your New BFFs!

Set up your quiz and announce it to your followers online. When people take the quiz, they'll be able to share their results on their social media pages, which will bring in more quiz-takers! Everyone who wants to view their results will be added to your email list. See? Interact makes list building SO easy.

Even though your quiz is beautiful and shareable, the most important part of the process comes next!

Make sure you write a nurture email sequence for those who opt into your email list because they took your quiz. This is so important! You should have at least one nurture sequence, but you could also write a sequence for each test result if you'd like to segment your list.

We will be sharing how to set this nurture sequence up and connect it to Interact next week, so make sure to stay tuned!

how to write a quiz to find your ideal clients

If you're ready to write a quiz to grow your email list and your business, but you’re still a little intimidated by the process, you can download our quiz builder template below.

This will help you lay out how you want your quiz to work and keep yourself organized throughout the process.