Continual Learning and Deriving Inspiration as a Leader

Continual Learning & Deriving Inspiration as a Leader |

The journey from manager to CEO is not without its mindset challenges and self-doubts. You might be asking yourself, “Am I really qualified to be the CEO of anything?” Short answer: YES.

But growth doesn’t stop there. Becoming the CEO doesn’t mean you’ve reached the top, that you’ve plateaued, or that there isn’t more to learn.

Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Becoming the CEO means you’ll be able to hold more space for dreaming, for learning, and for pursuing those goals and dreams with your best foot forward.

I get it — educating yourself can feel more like a chore and can quickly become overwhelming. Even worse, it can seem unimportant. We put it off and put it off because it doesn’t seem as pressing as that large proposal you need to put together, right?

Education can feel overwhelming or unimportant, unless you change your mindset and make the decision to take education seriously and dig deep.

Honestly, it’s a decision you make — it’s either important or it’s not. It’s either a priority, or it’s not.

How to Filter and Organize Your Continual Learning

If you decide education and continual learning is a priority for you in life and in business, start searching for learning opportunities with intention to find the education that you know you can trust and will benefit you and your business.

Distance yourself from the noise and ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do you want to take your business in the next few months?

  • What knowledge do you lack to get yourself there?

  • What do you need to know in order to accomplish those goals?

  • How will you measure success in your education?

Validate your educational resources by asking yourself these questions:

  • Will their service, their content, further your brand in its mission or dilute the brand?

  • If you implemented their education, will you be closer to attaining your goals?

  • What exactly are you going to be learning from them?

  • How long will it take to learn what you need to learn from them? If you’re joining a course, challenge, or program — how long will it take to complete?

  • And what will you gain from learning from them?

Different Forms of Learning

Education comes in hundreds of different forms these days, so I get if choosing how you’d like to learn can be a bit overwhelming.

You have to find not only the best resources for what you’re looking to learn, but also find enjoyable ways to learn that work for you and your brain.

Below is a list of just a few of the most popular ways you can learn and find inspiration:

  • Listening to a podcast

  • Reading blog articles

  • Watching the Instagram stories of your CEO inspos and biz besties

  • Reading a good book (we highly recommend Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead!)

  • Taking an online course

  • Signing-up for free opt-ins

  • Investing in a mastermind

  • Attending conferences

  • Making use of digital learning centers (Udemy and Lynda are just a couple we love)

  • Checking to see if your library has a digital app that gives you access to even more eBooks and audiobooks

How to Make a Plan And Dive In

Dedicate yourself. Once you narrow down what areas you want to grow in and what resources you trust and believe in, go all in.

Plan time and schedule out. Make time in your schedule to dedicate yourself to your reading list, any programs you’re participating in, or completing an online course. For conferences, you will want to give yourself several months in advance to research the ones you want to attend and make plans to get yourself there.

Say yes or say no. Courses will pop up, compelling ebooks will find their way to your screen, a must-see webinar will convince you that you will die if you don’t watch it. Be intentional, take a breath, don’t get overwhelmed, and vet it! Say yes, it is a priority, and put it into your schedule. Or, say no, taking part in that thing or reading that thing is not a priority right now, and move on. Yes or no. No maybe.

Lastly, don’t do everything. I repeat: don’t do everything.

As you move from Manager to CEO, remember that before, there was likely no way you could possibly fit any more onto your plate. But now, as you move more and more into the CEO role, there is time.

Why is this something you should be excited about? Because you get to dream again! You get to go back to focusing on what truly inspires you and invest more time into learning so you can accomplish the dreams and goals you have for yourself and for your business.

Take a step as ceo:

If you’re ready to dig deep and make continuing to educate yourself a priority, we have written an ebook called Manager to CEO that will help you identify what’s holding you back as a manager and make an action plan to move forward toward CEO.

Are you ready to move from manager to CEO? SIgn up here.

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