Ditch Generic Marketing! Align & Activate for Best Results


Leaders in the online marketing industry have told business owners to show up everywhere (and do All. The. Things.) to generate qualified leads and increase profits. Many have tried very hard to follow that advice, but unfortunately, are not gaining momentum in their business.

Instead, these owners are on the edge of burnout! Trying to master every platform and every marketing tactic the influencers are touting—on top of delivering a memorable and valuable client experience. And this has left you overwhelmed.

We’ve been talking about this on our blog for the past few weeks. If you’d like to catch up on the blog series, go here.   

It takes all the effort you have to manage your own client projects, delegate tasks to your team, show up on social media, execute your marketing plan, write sales content, and organize upcoming launches so you can pull in your base income and cover your bills. 

Even still, finances might be inconsistent, leaving you feeling exhausted and frustrated by the never-ending to-do list that seem to show little return for your investment. You aren’t quite sure what’s working for your business, what isn’t, and why.

I can relate. My husband has asked me several times over the past years of me running this business, “Is it even worth it?”

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It is. But enough is enough. 

I don’t want to quit. And you don’t either! You just want a BETTER way to run your company that FEELS BETTER.

  • You want efficiency and simplicity.

  • You want a business that gives you life instead of draining you. 

  • You want your clients to feel nurtured and supported by you.

  • You want your clients to be your best brand ambassadors.

  • You want to be booked out with referral after referral.

As we’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the last four years, we’ve seen SO MUCH EVIDENCE that proves one-size-fits-all blueprints don’t bring the same strong results as customized, humanized marketing and strong client relationships.

Ready to Pare Down and Level Up?

Welcome to Align & Activate, a program designed to simplify your marketing and client care efforts to pave a strong, direct, and effective customer journey through your brand.

Through comprehensive auditing of your current lead generation and client experience pieces, we’ll find what is serving you and your clients, along with the things that can be improved or completely stripped away. 

From there, we craft a meaningful and impactful strategy that is specifically tailored to you, your brand and your audience.

At the core, we are giving you the tools to invest in your current client relationships while crafting new ones. Why?

Relationship marketing simplifies your effort while amplifying your impact where it counts.

Who is Align & Activate For? 

We created this 12-week program for the high-achieving CEO who is consistently hitting somewhere around $10k each month, but is struggling to scale further than that. She knows her services and products have incredible value, and she has the testimonials to prove it. Yet, she wants to earn more money (and that is fair!) and make a bigger impact with her business. She’s been piecing together generic information from dozens of online experts trying to create a unified action plan, but she’s not seeing the ROI. 

Sound like you? If you’re ready to INVEST in your business and identify the lead generation, marketing, and client experience strategies that work best for your brand, we’d love to chat!

Still unsure? Sign up for a free consultation to get your questions answered and see if we’re a fit.

What Happens Once I Join?

After our consultation call, we begin on the first of the following month. You’ll be invited into your very own client portal where you’ll see all the details and the timeline laid out. You’ll fill out our comprehensive questionnaire so we can learn more about you. Then you’ll schedule your call to meet your team of experts, which includes your personal account manager.

From there, our team gets to work! We’ll spend six weeks auditing your entire business. This includes brand positioning, marketing platforms, client relationship systems, website design and copy strategy, lead generation efforts, blog and email content, social platforms, and more. 

After we complete the audit, we will spend four weeks creating a personalized marketing, lead generation, and client experience strategy that is aligned with your gifts, your strengths, and your message. This is all based on our Relationship Diamond method.

The Relationship Diamond makes a plan for all the touch-points a person goes through. It starts with the first time they hear your name, and continues through the introduction, invitation, time spent working together, serving them, project completion and off-boarding, and beyond. We walked through each part of the Relationship Diamond in detail here

At each step, we will create a customized strategy for you or your team to implement.

What Makes Align & Activate Different?

I know you’re feeling tense and burnt out. You’ve experimented with every single strategy the experts said would work for you and nothing seems to be happening. You are worried this audit and strategy program won’t work. 

You’re right to question if Align and Activate will actually work for you! That tells me your “worthy investment detector” is working, which is absolutely necessary for making wise decisions.

Here’s the deal, though. We ARE NOT selling you one specific strategy and promising it will make you the big bucks. We ARE promising to dig into your business, audit it from top to bottom, get to know you as CEO and as a person, uncover your unique brand positioning, identify your strengths and gifts, and identify the needs of your clients…

...so we can cut out the stuff that ISN’T WORKING for you and help you harness and focus on WHAT WILL.

This program and the strategy we develop for you is deeply personal and custom-tailored to YOU.

The experts you buy course after course from can’t speak to your exact situation. The group programs you’re in can’t give you consistent, one-on-one attention. The business coach you follow on Instagram can’t deliver this kind of depth to you.


You can toss out all your generic blueprints and do-lists now. We won’t need them where we’re going.

What Will Life Look Like After Align & Activate?

Align & Activate is no small investment. The impact this program will have in your business will completely rewire the way you attract, nurture and convert clients. We know it’s an overhaul. 

But, imagine if…

You could identify where your brand messaging is strong, where it’s leaking and causing you to lose leads, and how to CEMENT THE GAP.

You were able to discover what marketing techniques you are suited for based on your personality, gifts, and strengths, and ELIMINATE THE REST.

You knew exactly how to position your brand on social media so you could AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT on the platforms that work best for you.

You developed a ROBUST CLIENT EXPERIENCE filled with personalized touchpoints that made your clients swoon, turning them into walking brand ambassadors.

You had expert help to MAP OUT YOUR EXACT NEXT STEPS so you could rally your team, take action, and scale with confidence.

Imagine a reality where ALL OF THIS IS TRUE. 

How does that feel? If your answer is “relieved, excited, at ease, and READY,” then we can confidently say YES! Align & Activate is the next step for you!!

It’s time for you to take action. 

Are you going to keep hustling, running on that treadmill, never getting out on the trail to make real moves? Or, are you ready to do this? Are you ready to feel aligned while being reminded of why you love the work that you do? Are you ready to Align & Activate?

To get started, simply schedule a call. We’ll talk through your business, your goals, and what’s holding you back. Because of the depth of our program, we can only welcome three clients per month. We highly encourage you to get an inquiry call on the books soon.