Everything That Goes Into a Blog Post

From the outside, it doesn’t look hard to post on your blog.

Write up some good content, hit publish, and put it out into the world. Easy peasy, right? Not for those of us who have been behind the scenes! We know firsthand that there’s a TON that goes into it. Lucky for you, we here at She Can Coterie are sharing all our steps for a successful blog post. Let’s do this.

Not sure what needs to happen after you write your blog posts? She Can Coterie is helping you out by sharing 17 steps to a polished post! | SheCanCoterie.com

1. Write the Blog Post

Pretty self-explanatory, right? Sometimes doing the actual writing can be the hardest part and here’s our best advice for getting over writer’s block: make a blogging content calendar and just do it. Writing takes practice just like anything else!

2. Proofread + Edit the Blog Post

Get out that dictionary and thesaurus and Google any grammar rules that you aren’t sure about. Cross your t’s, dot your i’s… you know the drill! You don’t want to turn off your readers (and potential clients!) because of silly mistakes.

BONUS TIP: Read through your post out loud once or twice. That way you can make sure your writing sounds like your actual voice and you can catch any awkward sentences or phrasing.

3. Make Some Gorgeous Graphics

Most readers are turned off by blog posts that are just blocks of text that aren’t broken up by some visuals. Make sure you have all of the following ready to be included in the blog post itself or to be shared on social media:

  • Featured Image + any other graphics to be included in the post itself

  • Social Media Graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • Pinterest Graphics

BONUS TIP: Keeping track of all the different dimensions for every social media platform can be confusing. Here’s a handy document to keep them all straight!

4. Add a “Click to Tweet”

Including a Click to Tweet button within your blog post makes it really simple for your readers to share your content without having to do any extra work. This is a great way to get your blog posts in front of more readers!

5. Check for Good Pull Quotes

Pull quotes are brief, attention-grabbing quotes taken from the main text of your blog post. These quotes are great to include on shareable graphics, Click to Tweets, and other social media posts!

6. Create a Call to Action

This phrase gets thrown around in the blogging world all the time. What does it actually mean? A call to action will vary depending on what you’re writing about, but it could be something like asking your reader to leave a comment, download a freebie, use a hashtag, or join a Facebook group. Usually a call to action is at the end of the post so it makes the biggest impact.

7. Pick an SEO Keyword, SEO Title, and Meta Description

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” This is basically how Google directs people to your website. There are a lot of opinions on what makes the best keywords, but in general you’ll want to avoid using single words as well as using phrases that are too broad or too specific.

For your title, choose phrasing that is concise but still specific about the content of your post. Your meta description should be a synopsis of what you’re talking about in your blog post that’s between 130 and 170 characters.

BONUS TIP: If you’re using Wordpress, there are tons of plugins that can help you with SEO (we like Yoast).

8. Make Sure all Links Work Properly

Always, always, always. There’s nothing worse than being interested in a resource or freebie just to find out that the link is broken. Talk about a buzzkill!

- the next four steps are for blog posts that include content upgrades -

SIDE NOTE: What’s a content upgrade? A content upgrade is any extra freebie or bonus content that you’re giving your readers. For example, in this post our content upgrade is a downloadable checklist that includes all of these steps!

9. Create the Content Upgrade

This could be a PDF, document, spreadsheet, etc. Whatever makes the most sense for your post.

10. Create a Promo Graphic for the Content Upgrade

Be sure to make a Pinterest-sized graphic! People love to share freebies on Pinterest.

11. Create an Automated Email for Delivery

If you want your people to get the content upgrade by signing up with their name and email, make sure you have it set up so they actually get an email with the freebie included. We like to use ConvertKit for these automated emails.

12. Create a “Thank You” page that includes a Click to Tweet

After they submit their information on the form mentioned in step 11, make sure they are redirected to a thank you page on your website. By including a Click to Tweet on this page, those who download your content upgrade can share with their friends right away that they got an awesome freebie from you!

- the rest of these steps are for EVERY blog post -

13. Format + Schedule Inside WordPress or Squarespace

Here at She Can Coterie, we like to write our blog posts in a Google Doc before transferring it into Squarespace. That way we know it’s saved automatically as we write and we can easily share it with anyone on the team who needs to take a look at it before it’s published. After you have everything set and polished, transfer all your text into whichever blogging platform you use and format it the way you like.

14. Add Correct Category + Tags

Using categories and tags on each blog post are great for SEO! This blog post, for example, falls under our “Blogging” category and one of the tags used is “blog post checklist.”

15. Share Immediately on Social Media

Right when your post goes live, share that baby on whatever platforms that you’re using — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

16. Create Multiple Headlines

This is for when you share your post more than once (which you should!). The best thing about evergreen content is just that… it never goes out of style!

17. Schedule on Social Media

Schedule tweets or Instagram posts for the future using the headlines and pull quotes you already put together earlier in the process.

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There you have it! 17 steps to a polished blog post.

All of this might feel like a lot. And, to be honest, it kind of is. There’s a lot to remember — and the majority of this is before you even hit publish! There’s a couple ways that She Can Coterie can help you out with this:

First, we put together a PDF checklist that includes every single one of these steps so you don’t have to remember them all. Click here to download your freebie!

Second, we have Content Management services! Let us take care of your blog and make it work for you, not the other way around.

Stop spending time worrying about all the little details when you could be putting your energy toward what you actually love to do. Let us do what we love so you can too.

Remember to grab your blog post checklist below. Happy writing!