The Importance of Facebook Ads

If your business isn’t utilizing Facebook ads, then you aren’t getting the most out Facebook. Plain and simple. Just like any ad, Facebook ads are important for reaching new people and cultivating the audience you already have. |

If your business isn’t utilizing Facebook ads, then you aren’t getting the most out Facebook. Plain and simple. Just like any ad, Facebook ads are important for reaching new people and cultivating the audience you already have.

The three most common things that entrepreneurs use Facebook ads for are:

  1. Expanding your reach by getting your product or service in front of new people.

  2. Growing your subscription list by converting those new audience members to email subscribers (and then paying customers).

  3. Moving your specialized audience and new subscribers through your sales funnel.

So, should you bother with Facebook ads? Yes.

Once you decide what your main goal is, map out each objective for the ad campaign. This usually looks like the following process that is tweaked to match your personal goals.

  1. Create a specialized, targeted audience to reach new people who don’t already follow your business page or are current subscribers.

  2. Make an offer.

  3. Address objections.

  4. Create a deadline.

Each of those steps has its own process! But instead of getting into the details of each step and what they may look like for your business, we still want to hit on the importance of Facebook ads. It’s easier to make the decision to create a campaign when you know the results you can expect, instead of drifting through endless how-to's.

Potential Reach

Facebook is closing in on the 2.5 billion member mark. Yes... billion. This number alone should speak volumes to you. Where else besides Facebook do you have more than 2 billion potential audience members ready to be hand-selected by your targeting?

Smart and strategic audience creation will get your ad in front of the right people for you. Your audience selection can be specific or a bit broader, whichever makes the most sense for you. We have seen the best conversions using lookalike audiences that are based on your current subscribers or Facebook page followers. With Facebook ads, you have all the options.

Organic Reach No Longer Exists

Do you know that Facebook has reduced the visibility of page posts on its users' news feeds? Most of your established audience isn’t even seeing your content. This is where paid advertising comes in. Boost your posts to the people who matter. You can do this for as little as $3! Compared to traditional advertising, Facebook can get you a much bigger bang for your buck. How do you decide which posts you should boost? Check out the insights tool on your Facebook page so you know which posts are already performing well and would preform even better with a little bit of money behind them.

Audience Targeting. Duh!

We talked about this earlier with the suggestion of lookalike audiences, but audience targeting is exactly what it sounds like: targeting your message to the people who matter. Facebook has a built-in audience creation tool. You choose your basic demographics like age, location, and sex, but you can go even further. Choose audiences based on relationship status, interests, job titles, life events, and other behavior.

For example, say you just wrote a book on healthy relationship habits featuring work from a well-known relationship counselor. Your audience might include men and women between the ages of 20 and 50. Choose recent life events like an engagement or marriage, toggling that relationship status option as well.

And in the interests categories, choose well-known topics including those who have liked the relationship counselor, maybe those who have liked The 5 Love Languages book, whatever it may be! Make it specific. Targeting a specific audience will raise your click rates and conversions.

This article from Social Media Examiner has the perfect step-by-step guide on refining your target audience to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Mobile Marketing

It’s no surprise that Facebook users use mobile more than desktop. In fact, close to 60% of Facebook users opt for mobile use, which is why Facebook has optimized their ads for mobile. This has created a more streamlined process of working your audience through your sales funnel.

People in search of your service or product can also easily view your hours, your address, or click on buttons such as “Call Now” or “Message Now," making your business more engaging. For more on marketing your business through via Facebook page, check out our article on the importance of Facebook pages.

Insights and Analytics

The last thing we want to touch on is the effectiveness of Facebook’s insights and analytics. They make it easy to determine how well your ad is doing. By the click of one button, you’ll be able to see your ROI (return on investment). Facebook will show you the number of impressions, engagements, clicks, and other cost data.

Facebook also makes A/B split testing super easy, taking you step by step. Here, you can compare two ads that are slightly different to see which one performs better. For example, you may change the ad image to see which one is more attention-grabbing.

Whatever it is that you need to do, Facebook makes it easy to understand, create, and analyze.

Do you see the importance of Facebook ads? Properly used, they can drive engagement to your business like no other! Invest some time to understand Facebook ad campaigns, then jump in and create a successful one of your own.

Don’t have the time? No worries! We have people for that here at She Can Coterie. Facebook ads are a part of our social media management packages. Use us to help get your business on track and flourishing. We might even be doing it while you sleep.


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