Why Your Biz Needs a Facebook Page

Why Your Biz Needs a Facebook Page | SheCanCoterie.com

Facebook has evolved so much from what it used to be. Just a few years ago, Facebook was merely a means of staying in contact with long-distance friends and family through basic profile pages.

Now you can find Facebook groups, pages, ad campaigns, reviews, check-ins, and so much more! So out of all of these options, what is a good starting place for your business? Facebook pages.

There are multiple benefits of having a Facebook business page, but we just want to focus on the most important ones:

New Page Features

Facebook pages have recently been revamped so that the most important information regarding your business is front and center. One of the best features that Facebook has rolled out recently is their call to action feature. For example, you can add a “message now” or “call now” button to your posts.

We also love the fact that there is a “My Story” section now. You can put a quick elevator pitch of your business there, quickly letting your followers know your history. Plus, you can actually share stories using the Facebook Stories feature. If you have your Instagram account connected with your Facebook page, you can share your Instagram stories directly to your Facebook page!

Increased Exposure

How many times have you checked out a restaurant, salon, or coffee shop on Facebook before you actually tried the business for yourself? Having a Facebook page makes you much more reputable with potential clients.

Also, anyone can access your business' Facebook page, even if they don’t have a Facebook profile. As of 2018, Facebook has close to 2.5 billion users. This is an endless wealth of potential new customers or subscribers!

Automatically Optimized for Mobile

According to a study done by Stone Temple, over half of users visit Facebook via a cellphone. Facebook is automatically optimized for mobile users without you having to do a thing! How often do you check Facebook on your phone compared to your laptop? With smartphones essentially becoming smarter, it’s important that your business can keep up a strong mobile presence. Facebook pages allow you to do that seamlessly.

You can also use your Facebook page to get more mobile visits to your website. Increased mobile traffic on your WordPress or Squarespace is a must, so do it the easy way.

Easily Scout the Competition

Facebook has a great suggestion feature. You’ve seen it. After you like a page, you’ll see “a few other pages you might like." This is great for eyeing who is in your market and which trends you need to be paying attention to. You can easily see what others in your industry are doing just by a cursory glance on their page. Stay competitive, do strategic product launches, create sales, and many other action items using this inside scoop from Facebook.

Use Facebook Ads to Keep Marketing Costs Low

Each Facebook page has a built-in ad manager. From here, you can create ad campaigns and track insights. You’ll be able to see your active audience, analyze which posts perform the best, reach a (new) targeted audience, and get more engagement.

An added bonus? Facebooks Ad Manager is so user friendly that you can get help creating your campaign step by step with amazing help resources at your fingertips.


They are easy to manage if you have the time and the patience to learn what works best for your business and your audience.

Want to focus less on Facebook and more on doing the things you love? Let our team at She Can Coterie take over all of your Facebook needs from business page management, creating copy, staying branded, and posting consistently. Let’s talk!


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