5 Ways Hiring a Pinterest Manager Will Change Your Life

Ahh, Pinterest. With its infinite recipes and decor ideas, it’s hard not to love this visual search engine. Loaded with helpful DIYs and ideas, it’s easy to waste an afternoon skimming through this beloved site. 

So why hire a Pinterest Manager? Beyond the fun of Pinterest, there’s a whole strategy that businesses can (and should!) implement to connect with their target audience. A Pinterest Manager is your go-to for seeing long-term results on this epic social media search engine. They know the ins and outs of Pinterest campaigns so you can start seeing some major traffic and conversions

Here are the 5 ways hiring a pinterest manager will completely change your life. Hyperbole? You tell us.

So why hire a Pinterest Manager? Beyond the fun of Pinterest, there’s a whole strategy that businesses need to implement to connect with their target audience. Here are 5 ways hiring a  pinterest manager  will completely change your life. | SheCanCoterie.com

1. Pinterest is Crazy Effective

Friends, Pinterest is so much more than memes and craft ideas. When used strategically, it's crazy effective at helping business owners connect with their audience. After all, there’s over 265 million active users each month on Pinterest! And they’re not just looking for inspiration and innovative ideas - they’re looking for you. Of those active pinners, 90% are making purchasing decisions based off of Pinterest! 

2. Pinterest Requires Strategy

Despite its fun and whimsical appearance, Pinterest requires tact and strategy to be successful. There’s pin design to consider and keyword concentration to mull over. There’s group boards and Tailwind Tribes to connect with. There’s promoted pin campaigns to run. 

A successful business account is one that is intentional and deliberate. With a Pinterest Manager, you get a strategic social media professional that evaluates your current efforts and then comes up with a plan to get you seeing some serious traffic and conversions on your website. 

3. They Handle the Nitty-Gritty Details

Pinning cute dog photos is a really easy, fun way to spend an afternoon. But when it comes to pinning purposefully, there’s so much more to a Pinterest Manager’s job than keeping your boards full of fabulous pins. 

On a day-to-day basis, a Pinterest Manager is busy applying for relevant group boards, scheduling your website’s pins to push out during optimal hours, monitoring your promoted pin campaigns, and evaluating your web traffic. They’re hard at work crafting a picture-perfect Pinterest strategy that stems far beyond repins. 

So while they’re focusing on writing the perfect pin description, you can focus on what matters most: your business.

4. You’ll See Results with Managed Promoted Pin Campaigns

In many cases, promoted pin campaigns are an unsung hero of social media advertising. Cost-effective and customary, promoted pins are an absolute gem when it comes to connecting you with your target audience. With a Pinterest Manager, they’ll be able to implement promoted pin campaigns that will provide long-term results for your business.

Unlike other social media ads, promoted pins keep performing long after their campaign end date. The repins and engagement you received during your initial campaign have a long lifespan as more and more pinners see your original pin. Strategy-wise, there’s a whole lot of good that comes with promoted pins and your Pinterest Manager can utilize them for your success. 

5. A Pinterest Manager Will Get You Connected with Your Tribe

Although it may operate differently than its other social media counterparts, Pinterest is a very social and connective platform. Finding your tribe — that one corner of the internet that needs to hear what you’re saying — is an amazing benefit for your business. Your Pinterest Manager searches high and low until they find that right group for you. With the know-how and the connections to do so, a Pinterest Manager helps you find the audience that’s looking for the solution you have to their problem. 

A dedicated Pinterest Manager is there to help your business succeed. Their sole purpose is to get your pins in front of the people that need them the most so you can connect with new customers and establish your brand. With all the little details handled, you can focus on growing and developing the business of your dreams!

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Pinterest is an amazing place to connect with ideal customers and score some major conversions on your website. But this visual search engine requires a little bit of time and a whole lot of strategy to make sure your pins are reaching the right audience to boost your business!