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Busting the #1 Myth About Filling Your Funnel


If you’ve been in this online marketing space for long, you’ve heard over and over “Fill your funnel! Grow your audience! More followers, more money! Get 1,000 more subscribers! Fill your funnel! Fill your funnel! FILL YOUR FUNNEL!”

I’m exhausted just hearing that. And I’m sure you are, too! So, I’m busting the #1 myth about filling your funnel as a service business. 

The problem with this funnel mindset (well, one of them at least!) is that it often forgets that what you’re filling your funnel with isn’t cash money. It’s human beings with human hearts and minds and souls. 

It's so easy to forget there are humans behind every single business. Human beings that long for connection. People buy from people. With this as your basis, you are going to go much farther.

MYTH: I must fill my funnel and grow my following to make the money and create the impact I dream of.

To this, I say “Busted!!” 

Sure, the more people that see your offer, the more likely it is that the right person will see it and buy. That’s just math.

But, you are a one-to-one service provider. You don’t need your following to be super large. Chances are you have limited time to serve the clients that come in each month already. If 10 people wanted to work with you right now, you would be completely overwhelmed and unable to handle it.

Note: this content first appeared as a live video over on Facebook! If you’d rather watch than read, click below!

So why are we hustling like this is the outcome we want? In actuality, running a service business is the ultimate in simplicity. 

It’s about finding a client, booking that client, and serving that client. You don’t need a giant following or giant email list. You don’t need a big fancy marketing budget. Running a service business is the fastest path to cash. It can be managed so that you have low overhead and maximum profitability.

Have you been trying the “launch model” lifestyle? That’s a hustle. Truly. Would you rather woo hundreds or thousands of people to the top of a funnel and through an intricate system (where we hope they don’t drop off) to generate revenue? Or, would you rather make $3k or $10k (or more!) after one or two conversations and a proposal?

One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but as a service business, we can have simplicity, ease, and impact by doing it a different way.

For simplicity, ease, and impact connect with the right people. Not just everyone.

The goal is to build a relationship with YOUR people by intentionally pouring your strengths into your message in the place where it will bring you and your audience the most joy.

Can you imagine what life would be like if you weren’t constantly creating new opt-ins, sales funnels, posting on every platform, constantly planning a launch, and showing up everywhere? What would it be like if you are building relationships instead of trying to fill your funnel? 

There is life outside of this hustle!

And no it isn’t always easy, but it can be filled with ease.

You’ll be able to focus on relationships with your ideal audience. You get to spend time with the people that actually want to spend time with you. You get to stop playing a numbers game. You get to stop striving for more followers. You will be less focused on growing an audience and better focused on the right things. Your effort will pay off. You’ll be making more money. (Yes, I said it!) 

When you focus on nurturing relationships, when you become booked out, when your skills grow, then you are able to raise your prices. You will be able to work with LESS people and make MORE money.

Focus on the relationship with your paying clients. This is important. How many times have you worked to get a client, but when they get in the door, you are so exhausted from the chase that the experience becomes lackluster? They don’t get that same energy. You showered them with flowers, chocolate and wining and dining, but then you put a ring on it, and the effort ceased.

I know we don’t mean too, but when we are putting all of our efforts into the chase, we can’t focus on the human beings that have said yes.

We have this opinion here, and we know it’s unpopular:

A smaller audience doesn’t mean less money or less impact. 

Your impact is not dependent on audience size. When you combine what brings you joy, your passion, your purpose, and your natural strengths, you make your impact. Your impact is limitless. 

It’s okay not to chase everyone. Honestly, the size of your audience has a limit. That’s just fair to say. There truly are only so many fish in the sea. But the size of the impact you can make within your sea is LIMITLESS. When you are focusing on a smaller group of people you are able to make a deeper impact.

Growing an audience will not bring fulfillment the way that impacting lives will. Numbers don’t bring you joy. You will never have enough! Joy is immeasurable.

When you aren’t so focused on building your audience size, you are able to nurture your clients. When you have nurtured your clients in the best way, you’ll turn them into strong brand ambassadors. They will send you their friends. They will also return to you when they need your services again. They won’t want to search for someone new; they’ll want YOU because of the relationship you’ve built. And in turn, you’ll be more fulfilled knowing you’re in your full potential, making your truest impact. 

For too long we’ve been trying to do business the way that online marketers tell us to. We've followed all of their one-size-fits-all blueprints. We've tried to show up all the places. We've said “yes” to clients that weren't a great fit just to pay the bills.

It’s time to do this a better way. We need to remember that there are living, breathing humans behind every computer screen. There are human hearts and minds that want to connect with us. 

It’s all about growing relationships over building followings.

  • Relationships WORK, followings don’t. 

  • Relationships LAST, followings don’t. 

  • Relationships FULFILL, followings don’t. 

We want our clients (and you!) to grow their businesses in a fulfilling, sustainable and effective way by focusing on what works, lasts and fulfills—and that’s relationships.

If you are ready to ditch the traditional marketing “fill-your-funnel” blueprints, stop the hustling to show up everywhere and START making your truest, deepest impact, WE ARE TOO! 

Schedule a call with us to see if our signature program, Align & Activate is a fit for you. During a 12-week, one-on-one program, we put all our resources into helping you play to your strengths, invest in relationships, and create a memorable brand while doing the work that sets your soul on fire.

Why You Aren’t Attracting Your Ideal Clients

Why You Aren't Attracting Your Ideal Clients |

As a business owner, you might feel like you’re spinning your wheels and burning out in pursuit of meaning and purpose in your business. Trying to attract aligned and ideal clients while trying to stay on top of the current clients you have. Trying, trying, trying, but feeling like you aren’t making traction.

I have so been there too. I’ve been burnt out, have missed time with my family (isn’t it ironic that spending more time with family is one of the biggest reasons why women decide to work from home?), have spent time working with not ideal clients, and didn’t make the money that I should have been. (Side note: it’s okay to want to make a lot of money!)

Does any of that sound familiar?

When you’re trying to be everywhere and do everything, you aren’t speaking your message clearly.

And because you’re stuck in this hustle, you don’t have the bandwidth to do the amount of client pursuit to make the money you need. 

Because we don’t have time, you might be spending a TON of money in pursuit of quick fixes — buying that shiny course or blueprint, hiring and firing coaches, throwing up new offerings. 

When we’re in this cycle, we can start to feel like we’ve lost ourselves on the way. You might even feel disconnected from your business and the clients you are serving. 

You might be trying sleazy, “bro-marketing” that is (1) unethical, (2) just kind of gross, and (3) isn’t paying off because it’s so out of alignment with who you truly are. You might even find yourself going back and forth between a “burn it all down” and a “this is kind of working” mindset.

Are you feeling actual physical manifestations of the overwhelm and hustle? Desperation, financial anxiety, worry about the future, strained personal relationships, making rash decisions, eating a pint of ice cream every night, adrenal fatigue?

When we get to this place, we are desperate. Desperate for anything that will work. And that’s the energy that we are putting out. Scarcity energy will flow into your marketing, into your client work, and into your client relationships. That kind of energy is toxic and turns people away.

We don’t want to be here anymore. What would it look like if you were walking in alignment with you are and who you are meant to be? What would it look like if you were walking in your strengths and investing in relationships over “quick win” marketing?

Note: this content first appeared as a live video over on Facebook! If you’d rather watch than read, click below!

Do you want to know the root cause of this problem? We are out of alignment with our strengths, our passion, and our purpose. 

You aren’t pouring your energy into your strengths. You are spreading your efforts thin across too many avenues of marketing. You aren’t clearly communicating your message, so your brand experience is lacking. This is all keeping you from creating relationships.

What would it look like if you were aligned with your strength, passion, and purpose? This is where I want to LIVE. And it’s where I want you to live too.

Take a few minutes to journal your answers to these questions:

  • What are some highlights of who you are and your personality?

  • What do people praise about you?

  • What do you love and value about yourself?

  • What is your biggest passion?

  • What is your purpose? Why are you on this earth? What were you made for?

Now, only make decisions that are aligned with your answers. Invest in relationships that are in alignment with who you are and the impact you are here to create. Only work with clients that are aligned with this purpose. Only create a new offering when it comes from this place.

When we are walking in this alignment we are making a TRUE impact.

We will be working with aligned clients because like attracts like. We will be making more money.

Once we are walking in this alignment we are able to focus on building relationships. And what I’ve found to be true OVER and OVER is that :

Relationships WORK, followings don’t. 
Relationships LAST, followings don’t. 
Relationships FULFILL, followings don’t. 

We want our clients to grow their businesses in a fulfilling, sustainable, and effective way by focusing on what works, lasts, and fulfills: relationships.

I would love to hear one thing you’re taking away from this today. Is there anything you are going to put into practice? Let me know in the comments.

And if you are ready to ditch the traditional marketing blueprints, the hustling, the showing up everywhere and not making your true, deepest impact, WE ARE TOO! 

We’re sharing a guided journal to discover your relationship marketing strengths. And I’ll be sharing much more in the coming weeks about how this can work for you, your unique strengths, in your unique business.

CEOs Know the Numbers: Book a Money Date with Yourself

CEOs Know the Numbers |

I have a confession. For the first three years of my business I only looked at the “numbers” when it was payday or when I was making a big purchase.

And by “looked at the numbers,” I mean I looked at the amount in my checking and savings accounts — and nothing more.

As my business grew in clientele, team structure, and ultimately profits, I began to feel buried by the weight of the unknown. What was my overall growth strategy for the financial health of She Can Coterie? By what rate were we growing? What did the influx of money in vs. money out look like?

I couldn’t answer these questions, but as CEO, I knew I had to. So, I implemented something super sexy — a weekly date between myself and my numbers (hot stuff, I know).

Since implementing these weekly money dates, I’ve not only seen the numbers grow and grow over time, I’ve learned what to look for by noticing trends and have saved money by simply being aware. And that’s the goal, right?

I have had to overcome some blocks and limiting beliefs around money — as have many of you, I’m sure. But so much of it was solved by simply taking the time to look at my numbers during my weekly money dates.

Why are money dates important?

When I first started these money dates with myself, I had no real gauge of what was happening in my business. Sure, clients were coming in, clients were leaving, we were growing, etc., but it was all vague highs and lows.

When you set aside time to look at the numbers you actually see what’s happening with your money.

When you know the numbers behind your biz, you can confidently move into the right decisions.


When you know the numbers you are empowered to make decisions. What are the next moves you need to make? Can you make that hire? Can you invest in that learning or software?

When you know the numbers behind your biz, you can confidently move into the right decisions.

Our whole goal here is to move you from manager to CEO, and knowing the numbers trains your brain to think like a CEO.

CEOs have a business plan and cash flow forecast. They are able to “talk finances” to granting and lending bodies. And, they look for and cultivate the best members for their team, rather than spend their time looking for clients.

With your eye on all of this, you’re setting your sites on a future of growth and expansion.

How often and when should I have a money date?

Consistency is key here. While I recommend a weekly date to really stay on top of the numbers, a money date each month can work as well.

A caveat: your goal is to remain connected to your numbers. No matter when you sit down for your money date, you want to be checking your balances and statements at least once a week.

Because money can cause stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts (I speak from experience here), it’s best to choose a day and time that is a low key as possible. Don’t do your money date at the end of a day filled with client calls or when you have a stressful client due date.

You want to come in with a clear, positive mindset. For me, sometimes the weekend is best.

Ultimately, the when doesn’t matter, it’s the consistency that matters most.

What do I need to have ready for a money date?

To get ready, you’ll need to gather a few key things. To start, where do all of your numbers live? You’ll need to have all of the documents, apps, spreadsheets, budgets, statements, etc. open and readily available.

You’ll also need your planner or a place to take notes. I always have my May Designs journal next to me.

From there, it’s about making this time a little bit luxurious. Light a candle. Treat yourself with your favorite iced latte and warm chocolate chip cookie. Whatever is going to make this feel good.

HINT : It’s probably best to save the glass of wine as a celebration for when you make it through.

Okay, but now what do I actually do?

Let’s get to work, CEO!

  1. First we track the numbers. Open all documents, bank accounts, trackers, spreadsheets and budgets. Get it all in front of you and track your week’s activity. We use Xero for our bookkeeping — everything is set up to automatically sync there and our bookkeeper will reconcile monthly.

  2. Next we look ahead to what’s coming up. This is one of the best parts of money dates. There are less surprises in the middle of your week. No more overdrawn accounts, no more unpaid bills. You take this intentional time to see what bills are coming due and what income you are expecting. Take a look at your budget to see if money is available for these bills that are coming up. Take a look at any upcoming travel or client meetings and make sure that money is set aside for these events.

  3. What did we notice? I should have said this from the start, but come to this with an objective mind. Remove any connection or emotion from the numbers you are seeing. Money has left, money is coming in, money is remaining. Let’s notice the flow.

    • Let’s take a look at where our spending from the previous week. Is there anything that stands out that we should be aware of in the future? One to many Starbucks visits? Just me? Kk.

    • How are we doing on our budgeting? Have we overspent our budget? Have we over-allocated (this is a dream scenario, amiright?)

    • Let’s notice these numbers and move to the next step.

  4. What do we need to adjust? This is where we make a plan for things we noticed. No shame, no judgement, just planning for next week when we will make better choices.

This is always part of the discipline talk with my three year old:

  • We didn’t make the best choices

  • There are consequences to poor choices

  • What better choices are we going to make next time?

  • Ask for forgiveness, receive forgiveness

  • Hugs and kisses

  • Move forward

Still applicable for us. Do we need to plan for one less iced latte? Do we need to move more money into our hiring budget? What better choice can we make next week?

Ask for and give yourself forgiveness. Say “I love you, you are doing your best.” Now we move forward.

Now that we’re moving forward, how do we keep ourselves motivated to continue this work? This all depends on what motivates you, but here are a few helpful things I’ve seen work.

  • Visual trackers can be a great way to see the progress you are making that can’t always be easily shown in a spreadsheet.

  • You can reward yourself for hitting specific milestones. Now remember, your reward can be a new pair of shoes or the Airpods you’ve been wanting, not a trip to Bali. We don’t want to throw away our hard work in the name of celebration.

  • Save your favorite cafe or fancy dinner for your money date. By pairing it with something extra special, you will begin to look forward to the date each week or month.

  • Find someone to keep you accountable. This can be your biz bestie or your accountant — which leads me to MY favorite way to stay accountable.

  • Find a professional to help you. Kandis, our bookkeeper, has revolutionized my business in that she is also on top of what’s going on with the numbers. She helps me forecast, see where we aren’t spending wisely, and, BONUS, prepares everything I need for my CPA come tax time. Trust me, you need Kandis in your life.

Let’s take control of our money together, shall we?

Begin by simply being willing to approach those limiting beliefs, make a date with yourself that you look forward to, and take it one week at a time. Trust me, this time next year you’ll be a more profitable, happier CEO.


Just kidding, but this will give you first dibs on our newest content.

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