The 3 Steps You Need to Take to Reframe Your Mindset & Pursue Growth

3 Steps to Reframe Your Mindset and Pursue Growth |

You know you need to do some deep mindset work in order to grow into the CEO, the leader, the friend, the spouse, the mom you’re meant to be, but where do you begin? Knowing there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be is the first — and maybe the most important — step, but now it’s time to dig in and do the work.

You’re ready, but how?

How do you do the mindset work needed to reframe the limiting beliefs you adhere to with new truths that open you up to growth and further success?

Understanding Your Mindset

First, it’s important to realize that your mindset is an algorithm. It’s a set of beliefs we construct in order to help us manage input, initiate action, and execute decisions. It’s a set of rules for our thoughts and feelings that help us function and navigate life — and that’s a good thing!

Mindsets can be both good and bad, limiting and freeing, restricting and liberating. They can exist in extremes — too constricting or too loose. They can be built on lies as well as truths. They can be motivating and challenging or placating and uninspiring.

Ultimately, they can rule you and dictate your actions for you, or you can intentionally reconstruct them so you wield them for an intended purpose and make them work for you.

In order to keep us “safe,” the default setting for our mindsets are safety, comfort, and clinging to what is known. Sure, this way of thinking and maneuvering through life will keep us comfortable, but it keeps us stuck in the same old place we’ve always been. And we all know we can’t grow that way.

If we don’t do the mindset work needed to free ourselves and intentionally determine where we want to go, we will continually operate within a limiting mindset. We’ll stay in that comfort zone, never pushing past into the unknown where success lies. We will continually operate from a place of fear, scarcity, and desperate longing.

Reframe Your Mindset

Once we know what is at the core of our mindset, it’s much easier to understand how to take control of it. It’s no longer this mysterious force that controls us. We can control it.

Here’s how to reframe your mindset and begin rewiring your thinking:

First, you need to understand and develop the priorities and values that mean the most to you. The values that you live by and want to honor with your life. Doing this will establish your destination and where you want to ultimately take yourself in life and business.

You can’t develop the roads you want to follow if you don’t first understand where you want to go! (tweet this!)

Without doing this first step, we’ll continue to stay on those small, safe, local roads we know all too well. We’ll stay enslaved to our default mindset of comfort, never mapping out new roads to travel down.

So, when we require growth (i.e. become CEO!), we’ll be faced with roadblock after roadblock, never truly going anywhere except in circles.

So, take out your journal and answer these questions:

    1. What is your passion? What lights you up and puts a fire in your soul?

    2. What is your ultimate vision for your life right now? When you’re looking back and retelling the story of your life, what kind of journey does that story tell?

    3. And, what impact will you want that story to have had in this world? What purpose did your journey have? What mission, or missions, did you accomplish?

Next, you’ll need to determine what has been holding you back from fully pursuing that mission and vision to the full. In what areas of your life do you keep going in circles, round and round? What beliefs are you holding onto that keep you doing the same old thing, the thing that simply isn’t working for you anymore?

These are the limiting beliefs that currently constitute our mindset, and we need to break them down in order to rebuild a new, freeing mindset! Journal through these questions:

    1. What has been frustrating you lately?

    2. Where does that stem from?

    3. What version of you would you need to be in order to conquer that frustration?

    4. What lies have you been believing that are keeping you here on the comfortable side of growth?  

Finally, you’ll need to rewrite those stories you’ve been telling yourself and pair them with the new truth you want to believe. Yes, you have the freedom to define your own truths, the rules you want your new algorithm to follow!

Take each of the limiting beliefs you’ve been holding on to and ask yourself these questions about each one:

  1. How is this previously held belief holding me back?

  2. What new reality awaits on the other side of this old belief?

  3. What new belief do I want to tell myself in order to pursue my passion, mission, and vision?  

Trust Your New Mindset

Just reframing your mindset isn’t enough. There will be twists and turns down these new roads you’re traveling. The going will get tough, and at times you may lose your place on the map.

Here are a few tips to help get you through those times:

  1. Trust your intuition. Let your internal force lead you — after all, it is what has gotten you this far!

  2. Lead with curiosity. Let the question of “what if” lead you. Follow the curiosity, the adventure, and the fun it brings!

  3. Remain consistent. At times you’ll be tempted to revert back to the old, comfortable beliefs you knew for so long. You may even question the validity of your new truths, but remain consistent in citing the mantras, speaking the truths, and believing in the future you're pursuing.

  4. Choose growth over stagnation. Don’t be afraid to continually rewrite the truths you use to frame your mindset. You’ll eventually outgrow the mindset you’re developing now and in order to continue to pursue growth, you’ll need to do this process again and again.

Now, take action toward the future you!

If you haven’t already, get out your journal and go back through this post and write through all of these prompts! Trust your internal force to lead you to construct the new mindsets you need to become the CEO you dream to be!


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