Welcome to


the She Can Coterie team!

We are throwing confetti because you are here!!


Contract : This has been sent via HelloSign
W9 : Please send your w9 to brittani@shecancoterie.com. You can find a blank, fill-able one here.
Team Info Form : Please fill out this form on Typeform.
Headshot and Bio : Please send your headshot and short bio to mandi@shecancoterie.com to be added to the front page of our site! You can see an example of the team's bios here. Please format your bio to match.
Chrome Extensions : We loooove all things Google here. Here's a list of some handy, productivity multiplying extensions to add.
Gmail Account : This will be set up as soon as your contract is signed! You will get the notification in your personal email account.
Gmail Signature : I will be creating and sending over a new email signature for you to add to your work email. This video will walk you through how to do that.
Drive - Client Folders : I will share our client files with you once your account is set up. You will need to add them to your Drive in order to save client files in them. Watch this quick video to show you how and how we use Drive to organize our client files.
Freshbooks Account : You will receive your log in information to your new @shecancoterie.com email address. Please watch this video to familiarize yourself with Freshbooks.
Slack : You will receive an invitation to our team Slack account in your new @shecancoterie.com email address. This is where all team discussion takes place. Here is a brief introduction into our team slack.
Asana : You will receive access to our company Asana. This is where 95% of client communication and tasking takes place. Please watch this video to familiarize yourself with Asana (this is the same video we share with clients, FYI).
LastPass : LastPass is where we store all sensitive client information (passwords, credit cards, etc). The username is: hello@mandiholmesva.com. The password is: I<3$h3C@nC0. And here is a video on how to use it!


Google Products : This is an intro to how we use google products as a team and with our clients. You will learn about Gmail, Drive, and Docs. I strooongly recommend that you use Chrome as your browser. And you can use all of these handy extensions to multiply your productivity!
Calendar Mgmt : This is how to add an appt in Google Calendar, all the information you need and how to share it with the client.
Research : This is the standard way we complete research for clients.
Social Media : Here are the templates and process for how we do client social media. Feel freeee to update these :)
Facebook Ads : How we capture the information for Facebook ads.
Blog : Our She Can Coterie blog templates and processes.
Newsletter : Our She Can Coterie newsletter templates and processes.