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Hey, boss babe...
ever asked yourself one of these questions?

Am I wasting my time writing these blog posts?
What in the world do I even send to my email list?
Opt-in what?
How do I actually create content that grows my business and makes me money?
Help, anyone?

Here's the deal...
your content needs to actually work for you?

So let's put it to work with:
Targeted, audience-focused evergreen content that drives more traffic to your site,
value-laden content funnels that help you build trust with your people,
and a strategic content marketing strategy that turns your audience into paying clients.

But maybe you've tried to make that happen. You've read all the blogging + biz articles you can find on Pinterest. Your head is swimming with things like editorial calendars and content funnels.

You’re spending more time trying to sort out all these little details when what you really need is a plan of action.

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Let us do what we love so you can too.

We offer content planning, marketing, and management services that help boss babes like you actually use content to your best advantage. We want to help your business grow toward your every goal!

What will you get when you partner with us for your content? That depends on what you're looking for!

Content Planning + Management

Need guidance each month in filling your editorial calendar with content your target audience craves? Ready to write, but need direction in knowing what to say? Need someone to write the words for you?


Content Marketing + Strategy

Ready to take the guesswork out of your content marketing? Looking to make your blog, opt-in, and email funnel copy drive leads to your door? Ready to work with a team of strategists who look at your business goals and help develop a content plan that gets you there?

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Launch Strategy + Copywriting

Or, are you planning a big, exciting launch for a new product, service, or package? Need a team of strategists and advisers working on your behalf to plan, craft, and align all the moving pieces?

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Not sure which is right for you and your business?