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Our Pinterest Audit gets your account in tip-top shape before you implement our pin strategy.

Our Pinterest Audit includes:

  • A full account set up analytical review
  • Analytic overhaul - taking a deep look at website traffic & engagement
  • An in-depth examination at current pinning strategy (content, boards, timing)
  • Group board and Tailwind tribe assessment
  • A pdf filled with our top tips and strategies to get your Pinterest account boomin’
  • A 30 min meeting with our Pinterest Specialist to go over your audit results



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Here's the thing:

We know you're incredible.

We know

that the message and expertise you have can change the lives and businesses of so many. 

We know

that Pinterest can be used to your advantage to grow your traffic, your clients and your income. 

It's time

to get your work into the hands of the people who need it the most. It is time for you to focus on what you really love while we handle the details of creating your stand-out Pinterest presence. It is time to see real results and real growth with a social media platform that has changed the game for so many of our clients.