Hi Gina,

I loved getting to chat with you today about delegation and ways you can work better with your VA. As we were talking I took some notes on things to improve and systems you can put in place! They are listed below:

  • Task Management System : The key to delegation is clear communication. It's best to have plans for how, when, and where you will delegate. We use Asana. There you can have all tasks assigned with due dates. You can also have all communication in one place and any files you share will be there. (There are plenty of other task management systems you can try. It looks like Wunderlist Pro could be a good option. Otherwise, Trello is an option.)
  • Standard Operating Procedures : Setting up a Standard Operating Procedure (or SOP) for recurring tasks is beneficial for having the same results every time and it's a seamless transfer if you ever have to pass the task of to someone else. Here is what our editorial process for blogging looks like:
    • Editorial calendar to plan all upcoming blog or newsletter content. Which links to the individual documents with the blog/newsletter content.
      • Here is our SOP for blog post. When this is personalized, there can be more or less steps, it's all based on the client. (Anything with an * is for a content upgrade and used in conjunction with LeadPages): 
        • Write blog post
        • Proofread + edit blog post
        • Create Post Graphics
        • Create social media graphics
        • Featured Image Graphic
        • Add “click to tweet”
        • Check for any good pull quotes
        • Create call to action
        • Pick SEO keyword, SEO title, and meta description
        • Check to make sure links work properly
        • Content Upgrade PDF*
        • Pinterest Graphic*
        • Content Upgrade Promo Graphic*
        • Create Automated Email For PDF Delivery*
        • Create A “Click To Tweet” For PDF Delivery Email & Thank You Page*
        • Set Up LeadBox in LeadPages for Content Upgrade*
        • Create Thank You Page In LeadPages*
        • Format + Schedule Blog Post Inside Wordpress or SquareSpace
        • Share Immediately On Social Media
        • Create Multiple Headlines (For When You Promote It More Than Once)
        • Schedule Out On Social Media
  • Hiring multiple VA's to handle the diverse needs of your business. For instance a tech VA to handle to implementation of those pieces. This is where a collaborative, task-management system will be very beneficial to you. (For example: Your design VA can design the sales page, your tech VA can then take those pieces and implement them, and you never have to touch it)
  • Scanning Service : DocuFree (If you have ALOT to scan: Uses a fixed Box Pricing that is easy to implement from anywhere in the country. Free shipping & boxes. Online access during scanning.), 1DollarScan (10 Scans for $1)
  • Securely sharing Credit Card information : I wasn't able to find a way to share this without the other person seeing the information. LastPass does have a place you can save "form fills" but it's saved locally on your computer so it cannot be shared. If you are having any reservations about sharing that information with your current VA, trust your gut. But if you aren't, I would say go for it! It's one more piece of your business you can delegate!

Again, I really appreciate the time you took to chat today, and hope these few tips (along with Jenny's incredible course) transform your business and free up your time so that you can GROW and GROW!

If you would like to discuss working with She Can Coterie, you can check out a list of our services here and our plans here. All plans are packages of hours and you can fill those hours with ANY type of work you like. You can set up a discovery call here. And of course, reach out if you have any other questions.