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Let's set the scene...

You’re binge watching Netflix with your big bowl of popcorn scrolling Pinterest and trying to figure out how to make Pinterest work for your brand. You're lost somewhere between the algorithms and the recipes. 

Hey girl, pass the popcorn. Because we can help. 

We see you over there making big moves in your business. You’re crystal clear on what you do and who you do it for and you are confident that the work you do matters. You have incredible content you’d love to re-purpose and you know that if you could get it into the hands of the right people, it could make your business explode like a firework. 

Friend, let’s talk about Pinterest.

This epic social media platform and visual search engine can bring your business to the next level by connecting your content to your dream audience and cultivating a new group of raving clients

Here are the facts:

  • Pinterest has over 150 million active users

  • 80% of those users are women

  • Many millennials see Pinterest as just as important as Instagram

  • 87% of people on Pinterest have purchased a product because they saw it on Pinterest

  • 93% use Pinterest to plan what they’ll purchase in the future



But maybe you’ve scrolled all of the Pinterest how-to tutorials and are either confused, or not seeing any real increase in your traffic or conversions. It’s felt like a code you just can’t seem to crack as you try and master this mysterious algorithm. And in the midst of it all, you know that this is draining precious time and energy from you and what you really offer

More than anything, you’re longing for someone you trust to come and manage your pinning, so that you can increase your traffic and convert your dreamiest followers into paying customers. While your Pinterest is being taken care of by a Pinterest Pro, you get to spend more time doing what you love knowing that this content-sharing machine is working its booty off for you in the background.

You’re not looking for someone to tell you how to do it or to teach you the tricks of it... You're ready for someone to step in, do it for you and give you epic results. 

The good news? We're just waiting for you to say "Go."

Here at She Can Coterie, we offer exclusive Pinterest packages where we partner with online, service-based bosses to help you wield the platform of Pinterest for the growth of your brand. 

The end result is that you will not only have an active, strategic Pinterest account, but you will organically increase your pageviews leading to more email subscribers, more affiliate income, more clients, more sales and more ad revenue. 

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Pinterest Business Account Implementation

Our Pinterest Business Account Implementation, the first step in our monthly Pinterest Management Services, gets your account in tip-top shape before you implement our pin strategy.

Our Pinterest Business Account Implementation includes:

  • Completing a professional audit of your current account
  • Studying and learning your brand niche and target audience
  • Identifying keywords that connect you to your target audience.
  • Applying SEO (search engine optimization) strategies & tactics in order that your profile is optimized.
  • Providing you with tips on how to set-up your website and blog to get more Pinterest followers and to get visitors to share your products and/or services on Pinterest.
  • Providing you with design suggestions, keywords and an SEO strategy that you can begin adding to your pins and descriptions.
  • Cleaning up to 10 board titles and 10 board descriptions along with optimizing them with SEO strategy and suggested CTA (calls to action).
  • Verify website, enable analytics, Enabling rich pin status
  • If applicable to client we can Apply for Buyable Pins (U.S. only)
  • Create two Pinterest Pins to get you started
  • Apply to 5 group boards that are in your niche

Pinterest Account Management Establish Pinterest goals and the following:

  • Help you identify your Pinterest Marketing goal
  • Create an agreeable strategy
  • Improve your SEO and report changes with analytics over many months.
  • Take extra care that your account is relevant to changing interests of your target market.
  • Pin at strategic increments and times to drive your content.
  • In-house quarterly detailed review for accounts remaining in accordance with trending or seasonal themes to boost your traffic. (this quarterly tracking will begin once account is optimized)
  • Join and participate in group boards and tribes on Tailwind to attract new customers.



The Pinterest Business Account Implementation is the first step in starting Monthly Pinterest Management Services with She Can Coterie. Whichever package you choose comes with a discount off of your PBAI. The PBAI can also be bought on its own.

NOTE: Your Pinterest Business Account Implementation will take up to 30 days depending on client response time.

Pinterest Account Audit

You've had a Pinterest account for a few years. You've played with it here and there. You tried setting up your boards but it's just not getting the traffic you want. Our Pinterest Audit is what you need if you want to know where to go from here but want to do it yourself. It includes:

  • A full account set up analytical review
  • Analytic overhaul - taking a deep look at website traffic & engagement
  • An in-depth examination at current pinning strategy (content, boards, timing)
  • Group board and Tailwind tribe assessment
  • A pdf filled with our top tips and strategies to get your Pinterest account boomin’
  • A 15 min meeting with our Pinterest Specialist to go over your audit results


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Pinterest Content Optimization

You have years of amazing content on your site, but NO ONE IS SEEING IT. Our Pinterest Content Optimization package helps you revitalize your pins to bring in new and free long-term traffic to your site to the amazing content that you've ALREADY created.

  • A total of 20 custom pin designs for your content each month
  • 10 daily repins throughout the month
  • Participation in group boards & Tailwind Tribes
  • Brief clean up of existing account’s pins and strategy
  • 30 minute meeting with our Pinterest Specialist to go over strategy plan for optimizing your content


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what happens when you click that button:

Step Two

You work with Vanessa to discover which package is best for you, then you are sent a contract, invoice, and form so that we can get all of your account information.

Step One

You fill out a quick form so we can get to know you. Then you schedule your call with Ariona our Pinterest Manager.

Step Four

We take care of the pinning so you can take a break to do what you love or work on upleveling your brand!

Step Three

You are sent to the calendar to book a time with Vanessa to launch your project!

How to identify if Pinterest Marketing is right for you: 

Pinterest at the core is collaborative marketing -- to get your name out there you have to be actively getting others names out there. These are the 2 ways we work to get more traffic to your site:

1) Organic: This involves participating in group boards and tribes. To be successful we will post your content as well as share other content. This is the only way to grow organically in order to get traffic back to your website. 

2) Paid campaign: Similar to Facebook Ad campaigns, we will create Promoted Pins that work like ads to direct paid traffic to your website. Unlike Facebook Ads, Promoted Pins cost less, reach a much wider audience that is ready to buy, and have much less competition than other social media channels.

Here’s the thing: 

pinterest management pinterest manager

Here's the thing:

We know you're incredible.

We know

that the message and expertise you have can change the lives and businesses of so many. 

We know

that Pinterest can be used to your advantage to grow your traffic, your clients and your income. 

It's time

to get your work into the hands of the people who need it the most. It is time for you to focus on what you really love while we handle the details of creating your stand-out Pinterest presence. It is time to see real results and real growth with a social media platform that has changed the game for so many of our clients. 

So, are you ready to make Pinterest work for your business?

Let us remove all the overwhelm and take care of the strategy and details to make this social platform intentional and effective for your business (even while you sleep).

You just go out and do what you do best. We’ll take care of the rest.