Growth Manager

Up to 20 hours/week to start
Starting pay $12/hour + 30% Commission on monthly retainers/15% on one-time projects

She Can Coterie runs on a deep sense of determination and a desire to execute with excellence. The company is distinct in its creative and streamlined approach to business. Now She Can Coterie is on the search for a new team member who can bring every bit as much fire and determination as the rest of the team. The Growth Manager will effectively manage the growth and continued establishment of She Can Coterie clientele. This position demands a broad array of expertise along with the following:

  • Takes direction well and thrives in a team setting

  • People oriented, energetic, and sincere

  • Highly detailed and organized, with excellent problem solving abilities

  • Drive and passion to see clients succeed

  • Discernment of the needs of a business

  • Excellent customer service skills

  • Strong communications skills and willingness to take constructive feedback

  • Independent, go-getter who executes tasks on time, every time

  • Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills

  • Organizing digital files and filing them in a cohesive system

  • Tech savvy with confidence in using and learning tools including: Google products, CRM's, and invoicing systems.

  • Willingness to adapt to different technology platforms

  • Ability and flexibility to do regular check-ins with management team

This job is right for you if...

You're an individual who desires to help meet the needs of growing businesses, you seek to provide a solution, and are evangelical about great opportunities. You want to work on a team with amazing women. You are willing to ask for help when you need it. You are more likely to google for an answer before asking for it. You value communication and believe it's the heart and soul to running a successful team.

Is this you?

I would love to to learn more about you. If you think you would be a great fit with our team, here are the next steps:

  1. Fill out this form.

  2. Send an email to crystal@shecancoterie.com with the title "She Can Coterie : Growth Manager" with your resume attached and a video introducing yourself along with a few of the the reasons you think you would be a good fit for our Growth Manager position.

  3. In your paragraph don't forget to mention your favorite color.

  4. Please also include a paragraph about a woman who has inspired you, mentored you, or changed your life in some way.


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