Mandi believes that women CAN and SHOULD run the world, but we can't do it ALONE.

She is an expert in helping women grow and scale their business and move from manager to CEO of their company.

Mandi's compelling story resonates with business women in all stages of growing their business and empowers them to take the next step of growth.


Mandi Holmes is CEO of She Can Coterie, a full service business and marketing management agency for online, service-based, women business owners. 

She Can Coterie started in 2015 when Mandi was unexpectedly laid off from a job as a virtual assistant herself and is now a fully-functioning, expert team of 20+ women that does it all! Blogging and editorial work, social media management, customer service, technical support, inbox support, systems creation, travel and invoicing... you name it, She Can Coterie can do it! The options are truly endless. To date, SCC has helped more than 100 business owners get organized, strategize their next steps, and take action towards their biggest dreams. 

Mandi believes that women should run the world, that asking for help is vital to success, and that having an iced latte in your hand makes you unstoppable. When she's not leading her team, upleveling She Can Coterie, or serving powerful women around the world you can find her with her nose in a good book, on the floor playing trains with her sweet son Henry, or binge-watching Netflix with her husband.




✓ How to get the support you need as a small business
✓ Hiring your first team or virtual assistant
✓ Where to start when you realize you need help
✓ How to set up your processes and systems to bring in the help you need


✓ Organizing your systems and process to begin delegating
✓ Setting up the task managment system that will work for you
✓ Hiring your dream team the right way
✓ Deciding which team member to bring on first

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What CEOs and Hosts are saying about Mandi:

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Mandi was an amazing addition to our conference. Her presentation was very engaging and full of information that was practical and applicable to my audience. I appreciate that Mandi took the time to consider exactly who our audience was and make sure that her entire topic was tailored to them and that everyone would leave her session with a better knowledge on the subject. I would love to work with her again! 
- Bree Pair of Thrive Creative Events

Confession time: Whenever someone asks me just how I keep it all together, I hedge for a minute. I'm all about truth, you see, and if I'm telling the truth, then I am compelled to tell them that Mandi and her team are my secret weapons. That they handle, like, EVERYTHING for me that isn't writing, coaching, speaking, or generally being me. But they are on top of everything else in my business. Travel, booking, social media, design, invoicing, speaking queries, supplier management, events planning, research. Whenever there's something new happening in my industry, they're ON it, learning, strategizing. Their "have you thought of this" emails with corollary action plans are like sweet nothings in my ear. They love my business as much as I do and I have never felt so met.

But I DO have to tell the truth, and that truth is, these incredible women are too brilliant to be ANYONE's best-kept secret. Hire them and thank me later. (Flowers are nice...Mandi has my address.)
- Tanya Geisler


Let Mandi inspire your audience to believe in themselves and learn how to take the next step to being the CEO of their company.