I've created this page as a place with all the information you could potentially need while I am away on maternity leave. Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else I need to address here. 

Ali Cranmer

Ali is our Customer Service Specialist. Not only has Ali been side-hustling with her portrait photography business since 2012, but she's also worked for a company that specializes in customer service training for 5+ years. When she isn't clicking her shutter or being a customer service queen, Ali can be found cuddling her two dogs or in the home decor section at Target.

Ali is your go-to person while I'm out. She'll be in my inbox in the morning, before lunch, and at end of day. As well as in Asana throughout the day.

If you have any questions or issues reach out to Ali and she will help to resolve it.

Alexandrea Bailey

Alexandrea is our Administrative Specialist. She has 5+ years of experience as an in-house and virtual assistant. She is also a proud army wife. When she isn't busy being the right-hand woman, Alexandrea can be found studying psychology and chasing her two adorable children around.

Brittani Thomeczek

Brittani is our Bookkeeping + Travel Specialist. She is an executive assistant and business owner turned stay-at-home mom. Her extremely organized and detail-oriented demeanor, paired with her own business and life experiences have lead her to become a professional travel planner and bookkeeper. She has had dealings with every domestic airline and is skilled in Quickbooks and many other bookkeeping programs.

Valarie Williams

Valarie is our Social Media Specialist. She is a Pacific Northwest native with a penchant for words, all things social media, and yes, coffee. When she's not researching strategy or algorithm changes, Valarie can be found binge watching British comedy, dog walking, or plotting her next great adventure.


I know that having a whole team can seem overwhelming, and believe me, it’s been a learning curve. But we have found a great system that works really well for us.

For the past 3+ months, we’ve been using Asana as a project management system. Put simply, it’s a robust to-do list. Instead of working out of our inboxes all day we have a clear action plan that we can tackle.

You have your own dedicated project where your tasks are stored. You can manually enter a task within Asana (online or the phone app), or it can be as easy as sending an email to your project's unique email address. If you need that address you can ask Ali, or it can be found within your Asana project in the drop down menu at the top (Add Tasks by Email).

Within Asana you can:

  • assign tasks to specific team members

  • give tasks due dates (You can do this within the actual task, in the subject line, or in the body of the task. NOTE: If a task is urgent state that in the subject line, and assign it to a specific person. Otherwise we assume that your task should be handled by end of business day.)

  • hold all conversations about specific tasks

To send tasks by email, you will simply send any email to your unique Asana email address. It will be put in my inbox and Ali will assign them to the appropriate team members. If you would like to assign the task you can by CC’ing them on the email.

It's best for all communication to take place in Asana so that everything can be found in one location. If another team member has to pick up part of a task, it will be easy to see everything that has taken place before they were assigned.

If you have any questions about Asana, feel free to reach out to the team!