You’re ready to scale your business and know you can’t do it alone. 

To move from manager to CEO you need more than a jack of all trades VA. 

You need a team of experts so you can execute your vision, grow your income, and not worry about the day to day details.

And good news! I’ve already Curated your team for you!

It takes all the effort you have to manage your client projects, show up on social media, execute your marketing plan, write sales content, and organize upcoming launches so you can pull in your base income and cover your bills.

Finances are inconsistent from there, leaving you feeling exhausted and frustrated by the never-ending to-do lists that seem to show little return for your investment. You aren’t quite sure what’s working for your business, what isn’t, and why.

You don’t want to quit. You want running your biz to feel BETTER.

You want efficiency and simplicity. You want a business that gives you life instead of draining you. And you want your clients to feel so nurtured and supported while they are in your care that you’re constantly booked out with referral after referral.

Ready to level up?

Imagine your business, totally revamped…

  • You could step out of the task-by-task wormhole and into the freedom of being the true CEO, the visionary of your company

  • Your business growth was no longer fueled by your blood, sweat, and tears, but the effort of an efficient expert team

  • You had time and space to dream, goal plan, and REST again

  • You could connect with your vision and find DELIGHT in your business again

  • You stepped into every quarter with momentum, driven by a fully actualized strategy, and a plan to make it HAPPEN, with the support of a team to take you there

With our quarterly planning and management program, all of that is possible and SO MUCH MORE.


Hi, I’m Mandi, founder and CEO of She Can Coterie!

I launched my brand and began offering business management and marketing services in 2015. Over time I hired a large team of experts and we were able to develop robust task-based packages for business owners feeling desperate to step out of manager-mode. We took on the motto, “You name it, we can do it!” and literally did all.the.things. for our clients.

We managed podcasts, wrote blog content, scheduled social media posts, developed brand copy, updated websites, sorted inboxes, sent speaker pitches, and so much more. We loved helping our clients put their work out into the world.

As time went on, though, we started to notice some red flags.

Sure, our clients were able to do more tasks with our help, but they still felt exhausted and struggled to scale their businesses further. In a lot of cases, we were doing just to do. With no real purpose. No true aim. And making no lasting impact.

After digging into these issues, talking with our clients, doing some research, and brainstorming with my team, we discovered that the answer to scaling a business well isn’t to hustle and do EVERYTHING. To scale well, you need to give your best to only THE MOST IMPACTFUL THINGS and strip everything else away as much as possible.


Results from Happy Clients

Get inspired… this could be you!

Confession time: Whenever someone asks me just how I keep it all together, I hedge for a minute. I’m all about truth, you see, and if I’m telling the truth, then I am compelled to tell them that Mandi and her team are my secret weapons. They love my business as much as I do and I have never felt so met. But I DO have to tell the truth, and that truth is, these incredible women are too brilliant to be ANYONE’s best-kept secret. Hire them and thank me later. (Flowers are nice… Mandi has my address.)
— Tanya Geisler

Our Quarterly Management Program Includes :

  • Access to Our Expert Questionnaires : We’ll kick off the process by having you fill out an extensive questionnaire about your business, ideal client, services and products, and income goals.

  • 2 Hour Onboarding + Quarterly Planning Call : Mandi will sit down with you each quarter to dive deep into your brand and business, your strengths and gifts, your big vision, and where you feel stuck. She’ll deliver your quarterly plan for your approval and then we pass that along to your personal account manager who moves the team into action.

  • Personal Account Manager : Your personal Asana project which will be overseen by your account manager. She will be right by your side through the journey, oversee the work created, give you weekly progress updates, and answer any questions you might have so you’ll never be left in the dark.

  • Planning + Implementation : Access to our team who will take your vision along with your quarterly action plan and execute every piece that isn’t your zone of genius.

    • Business Strategy + Planning
    • Administrative Strategy + Execution
    • Content Strategy + Execution
    • Social Strategy + Execution
    • Client Experience Strategy + Execution
    • Financial Strategy + Bookkeeping Execution
    • Design Strategy + Execution
    • Technical Strategy + Execution
    • And so much more!

  • Monthly Analytics + Goal Check-In : Mandi will sit down with you monthly to go over the previous month. Including : what worked, what didn’t, where there are gaps and opportunities for improvement and growth, and what's in store for the following month.

Before working with She Can Coterie, I was busy and my days were full of tasks. With the team’s help, I am able to think about larger projects and development for my business. I can create a task and have it completed quickly without having it added to my endless personal to-do list. Finding a place where there is the possibility of working with many different experts and have large company support if there are staffing changes bridges the risk for an entrepreneur.
— Rosemary Clark

I’ve tried the whole “hiring help” thing before and it’s always required a ton of hand-holding, checking in, and chasing down. How can I know that this won’t be any different?

I know you’re feeling protective of your business. You’ve experimented with hiring team members before and it’s left you feeling tense and burnt out. You’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but you weren’t sure where your hard-earned dollars were actually going. You had to constantly check-in to make sure work was being handled and completed the way YOU would do it. So, you’re right to question if this will actually work for you!

That tells me your “worthy investment detector” is working, which is absolutely necessary for making wise decisions.

Here’s the deal, though. We are NOT like the other team members you’ve hired before that aren’t committed to your business like you are. We come alongside you to carry out your vision because we KNOW that this is a culmination of your blood, sweat, and tears. We know the long hours you’ve put into this. The heart and soul that makes this up, because many of us have built business ourselves.

The experts you buy course after course from can’t speak to your exact situation. The business coach you follow on Instagram can’t deliver this kind of depth to you. The VA you found in that Facebook group can’t give you the level of attention you and your business deserve.

SCCInside-29 (1).jpg


You always have access to your expert team. You can schedule a call or ask questions in Asana, BUT you also have an account manager that is keeping an eye on all projects to make sure they are moving forward right on track.

My Quarterly Planning Process Helps You…


Get clear

on your goals and the things that will actually move your business forward.



your efforts so that the things you focus on make the most impact.


Make progress

because you aren’t carrying your vision alone anymore.

Every CEO’s quarterly plan will look a little different, but every business has 8 key places to focus on.
Here’s what that looks like :

Finances | How much money are you making, where is that money coming from, where is that money going, how are you tracking it, and how do you plan to grow your revenue? We will talk about your offerings, pricing, and set goals for sales.


Client Experience | Your clients are the most important part of your business. How are you showing up for them? How are you supporting them? We will follow our Client Care Roadmap to make sure they are being treated as top priority.


Scaling | Once your operations are under control and things are running smoothly, we can begin to think about what scaling means for you. This is at the 6 or 9 month mark or beyond. We will strengthen the foundation before we can move up.


Professional Growth | Where are you needing to grow as CEO this quarter? We will create a plan together for what this can look like for you : books to read, courses to invest in, or events to attend.

Visibility | Where and how are you showing up? Where are you meeting your audience, and how are you sharing your core message? How do you nurture them and continue that relationship? We will talk about blog content, social media, podcasting, and much more.


Operations | How are things working together in your business? What can you delegate or eliminate and what are the things that you need to be focusing on? We will evaluate this each month, so that you can focus on where you make the most impact.


Innovation | Are you innovating, are you changing things up based on what clients need, what the market is asking for, or what lights you up? We will make a plan for market research and consistent gathering of client feedback to innovate your business.


Personal Growth | Where are you neglecting your personal growth? Your business can't grow if you aren't growing as well. We will make a plan for learning or scheduling time at the gym or a vacation!

You don’t have to grow your business alone anymore.

Let us capture your vision and perfect your systems.

Together we’ll take your business to the next level.

Don’t wait to get on our calendar! We accept just 3 clients per month. Get started with One of our Quarterly plans for as low as $1,150 per month.

Working with She Can Coterie has been so life-changing, I can hardly keep up. Seriously. It has totally restructured my time and my thinking for the better. It’s the inspiration I’ve needed to think so much bigger about what I can get done and what I’m meant to get done. I am a big believer that who we are is of infinitely greater value than anything we “do.” That said, the SCC team gives me plenty to appreciate in both arenas.
— Gina DeLapa

You started your business because you wanted to build a life you LOVED from the inside out.

You know that it’s possible. You can feel that it’s SO CLOSE. You just need some alignment.

We can’t wait to help you develop a simplified, focused quarterly plan that feels just as good to you as it does to your clients… 

… so you can connect with your passions again, achieve your most powerful goals, and scale beyond your wildest dreams!

Prior to working with She Can Coterie, I was trying to get a lot done behind the scenes of my business, and wasn’t able to spend enough time connecting with potential clients, nurturing my current clients, and conducting sales conversations. I’ve been able to revive the vision of my business and I’ve also been able to scale my business. I would not have been able to offer online courses to service a group of people as quickly without the support of She Can Coterie.

The team’s energy is infectious. They truly care about me and my business. Each person is really amazing at their areas of expertise. It’s wonderful to have people who are stronger than you in other skill-sets helping you build your empire. The team is willing to hop on the phone and share their expertise with any project. This allows us to work together to make magic happen.
— Nikki Nash